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How can you be so disciplined, passionate, and good? That was the question that I used to get from my classmates constantly. My Answer: I do everything that most of you don’t.

Yes, following the masses has never been my way of behaving; And of course, I put that into…

For years we have heard the word depression; However, little has been said about what having depression means to those who suffer.

I remember hearing people exclaim disparagingly about depression such phrases: “those who have depression is because they have nothing to do,” ignoring social and economic realities, which, if…

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Have you been mocked for the fact that you are young and you talk about politics? Have you been called ignorant for not agreeing with ideologies that are not part of your values? Why do these attacks usually come from those who call themselves defenders of democracy?

During these times…

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Have you ever wondered how it is possible that some couples are increasingly happy and, therefore, their lives too? Why are some people able to have healthy relationships and others not?

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Have you felt the need to turn away from a person you know is toxic to your life? Have you stayed to wait for that person to change without making any effort? …

Have you ever wondered how for the destructive thoughts that end up leading us to live in misery? Is there a method to live peacefully with our present?

Misery makes you feel in your comfort zone and on many occasions makes you believe you can’t live fully happy without feeling…

The happiness hypothesis

Have you experienced that you don’t want to do anything during the day, but just sleep or watch movies and series? Have you felt bad about doing it? Let me tell you, you’re not the only one.

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Why is it that we paralyze ourselves before the unknown? Why do we simply not understand that the best we can do is follow our hearts and put aside that feeling that in many occasions becomes the winner?

I have seen people let go of their greatest goals for fear…

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Why are there some people who have been able to overcome themselves and others who have not? What are the patterns that those who have overcome great tragedies learned?

I remember seeing myself from an early age analyzing my horrible reality that I was going through at that time. My…

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